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Try our no win, no fee tax refund service

Can you answer "Yes" to all of the following: Are you employed? Pay 40% or more in tax? Make pension contributions? Not required to make a tax return? Then you may be entitled to a tax refund.

Employed, Paying 40% or more in tax?

Does this sound like you? Then we strongly recommend that you contact us. You might be missing out on what is rightly yours.

Making pension contributions

For every £100 of pension contribution made, you only actually pay £80. However, the tax relief at source is 20% (the basic rate). If you pay tax at 40% (or more) you are entitled to tax relief at 40%.(or more)

Not required to do a tax return

If you do not need to do a tax return, and you answered "Yes" to the other two criteria then contact us, and let us see what we can do.

Baptiste & Co here to help you get what you're owed.