There is a possibility you may be owed a tax refund by HMRC.


1. Employed

2. Paying 40% or more in tax

3. Making pension contributions

4. Not required to do a tax return

To encourage people to provide for their retirement, successive Governments have rightly allowed their pension contributions to be deducted from their total income in arriving at the income to be taxed.

This deduction is, in most cases, done at source – meaning that for every £100 of pension contribution made, you only actually pay £80. However, the tax relief at source is only 20% (the basic rate). If you pay tax at 40% (or more) you are entitled to tax relief at 40%.(or more)

So many, many people have not had their full amount of tax relief. Furthermore, for some, the error has continued for many, many years.


This matter is supposed to be picked up in the tax code system, but in our view, that system is ineffective because most people do not understand it.

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